Keeping control

Gawati is a Legal Data Exchange platform that allows documents to be filed, authenticated and published.

Gawati lets you own your legal data and authenticate it by applying your digital signature. With Gawati you manage your data according to your own workflow and control how you want it published. With its web based user interface, your documents are accessible from diverse devices and efficiently searchable using plug and play search filters and interest derived proposals.

Existing proprietary platforms which enforce rigid formats for storing documents, make it difficult to store your data and have it interoperate with external systems, or even migrate your data out if you want to move to a different one. The value of your investments is locked into a vendors offerings.

Gawati makes use of Akoma Ntoso XML an open standard for Legal and Legislative documents to capture all content and metadata. Standards based web APIs which are designed for interoperability prepare Gawati to integrate and exchange data with 3rd party applications.

All components of Gawati are publicly accessible and well documented and there is no need to count beans for calculating your license costs. It's free.