Designed for use


Interface Languages

Gawati is bespoke. It is designed for the user. This starts with speaking your language. If we don't provide your language yet, you can ask us to translate it or do it yourself too.

No technical experience required. Easy to do with a web based interface.


Search preview

Gawati is smart. It will help you to find the content you are looking for as fast as possible. The search bar will suggest the most relevant documents.

Well organized. No delays. Updated while you type.


Personalized filter

Gawati is personal. Using search filters, you are able to narrow down your search criteria and rule out any unnecessary results such as jurisdictions, timeframes and languages. Gawati cares about your subject.

Consistent. Easy to understand. Personally configured.

Mobile use

Mobile use

Gawati is mobile. You can access documents on the road, when the need arises. Or while you are traveling and cannot get a hold of any physical documents. Gawati is also considerate of your internet data volume and screen size.

Anytime and anywhere.